Check It Out! The Empowered Youth Coalition Website Is Now Live!

We are excited to inform you that the Empowered Youth Coalition has now been officially launched with our new website, this day, May 15th, 2021, on the International Day of Families! Please see at!


We invite everyone to join the EYC, adults and youth alike. You won’t want to miss our “Fact Over Fiction” quizzes that we will be sending out regularly.


Test your knowledge on life and family issues and then send the quiz on to others as an educational tool.


You also won’t want to miss our “Listen and Learn” EYC videos on life and family issues—powerful videos (under five minutes) that will be sent to all EYC members.


You will want to pass these on to youth and young adults everywhere to help them Listen and Learn!


So many miracles have happened to bring us to this point, and we couldn’t have done this without the many new member organizations who have joined the EYC from all across the globe including from Africa, Latin America, Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.


We are launching with 196 co-founding member organizations, far surpassing our goal of 100 organizations! Also, by request, we are extending the deadline for additional organizations to join as co-founding members until June 1st. So any organization that joins before then will still be considered a co-founding member organization.


We are also grateful to Red Familia, Mexico and their International Youth Network that has joined EYC as a co-founding partner bringing their network of organizations throughout Latin America.


We are also excited to begin launching our EYC campaigns next week.


Don’t forget to register for our EYC webinar taking place on Tuesday, May 18. Register at this link. Learn more about how youth and adults can participate in our “Taking a Stand “and “Meet Likeminded Youth” Campaigns. Also our mentoring organizations will learn how they can contribute their knowledge and expertise to help empower EYC youth worldwide.


We hope you will join us for our EYC webinar on Tuesday!


More exciting things to come!