EYC Youth Gives Historic Statement at UN Event! EYC News and More!

We are excited to inform you that we now have over 200 EYC Member Organizations with more organizations joining every day! Welcome to all of our organizations and to our individual members!


Not only that, just two days after the official launch of our EYC organization on Saturday, May 15, we were honored to have EYC representative Luis Belchior give a statement at an important UN event commemorating the International Day of Families. (See program agenda here.)


Listen to Luis give this historic four-minute EYC statement for a virtual UN event here.


This prestigious UN event was sponsored by a bloc of 25 UN Member States called the Group of Friends of the Family.


We are proud of this EYC statement that will go in our archives as our first “Taking a Stand” video under EYC topic #10, “Youth Advocacy at the United Nations. (See our full list of 10 EYC topics here.)


On Tuesday we hosted our first EYC webinar where one of our EYC mentors, Sharon Slater, walked us through the many ways UN agencies and Planned Parenthood are working to sexualize, radicalize and mobilize youth worldwide. She laid the foundation and explained why the EYC was meant for such a time as this – to prepare youth and young adults to effectively stand for life and family.


The EYC seeks to inform youth on what healthy sexuality actually looks like and to thwart the efforts of youth being used as pawns by adults for agendas that will ultimately hurt them and their future families. (Healthy Sexuality & Relationships – EYC value # 5.)


The youth moderator for the webinar was EYC co-founder Jessica Taylor, who then guided us through the new website highlighting each of the available EYC empowerment tools as well as the multiple EYC campaigns explaining how EYC members and organizations can participate in these campaigns.


We then heard from one of our EYC Latin American coordinators, Maviela Leon from Mexico, and one of our EYC African coordinators, Tobias Nairuki from Kenya.


So many exciting developments and it’s only been five days since the birth of the EYC!


Finally, if you are between the ages of 15-35, we invite you to go to “Meet Like-Minded Youth” to see the photos and statements of our EYC members that have been posted so far. Our goal is to get 1,000 photos of our members with their testimonial of why they stand for life and family. Please help us reach our goal by posting your photo and statement if you haven’t yet!


Let’s show our youth that they are not alone and that there are many youth around the globe that have their same values.


Watch your email for our next “Listen & Learn” video. Hint: it is a powerful story from Africa involving a woman who found herself in a pickle working in an abortion clinic. And If you haven’t seen our first one, watch “Erin’s Story” here!


P.S. Don’t forget to invite every person and organization you know to join the EYC! Together we are stronger! Just forward this email with a note encouraging them to join at this link. https://empoweredyouthcoalition.org/join/.