Lia Mills: 12-Year-Old Speaks Out on Abortion

This week, as part of our “Taking a Stand” campaign, we are excited to share an inspiring video which has received millions of views on the internet, of a 12-year-old girl’s pro-life speech prepared for a school project.


Watch the video here.


Although this video, which we have enhanced and titled: “Lia Mills: 12-Year-Old Speaks Out on Abortion” was filmed 12 years ago, the powerful arguments this young girl makes are still highly relevant today.


After watching it, we encourage you to use our accompanying discussion worksheet either individually or with an organized group to analyze her arguments and to empower yourself and others to make a more effective stand for life in your conversations.


Then please share the video and worksheet with others.


On another note, how are we doing? What has been your experience with our EYC content so far? We’d love to hear any comments you have if you are willing to share. Please email me at with your experiences so we can know how to improve or help further!


Also, how are you feeling? Are you feeling angry, frustrated, afraid or sad because of the current circumstances in the world?


Or are you feeling motivated, inspired and empowered—ready to influence those around us with our unique gifts and talents and the tools you are getting from the EYC!?


I find that we can look at our EYC topics in two ways—with fear, anger, or pride in our own opinions and values, OR with love for others, inspiration, and confidence in using effective tools as we improve over time with practice!


We are all in this together, and just like the young girl in the video, when one person stands up, others are empowered to do the same. We are excited for all the work ahead of us and to see what we all can do together!