Meet Sydney: An Ex-Transgender

This week we are eager for you to watch our latest release on EYC topic #4: Transgender Issues called “Sydney’s Story: Detransitioning.”


Sydney, who is a biological female, had gender dysphoria (gender confusion) and wanted to “become” a man. After taking cross-sex hormones in her attempt to “transition” from female to male, she realized the process wasn’t what she thought it would be and experienced a lot of suffering.


Watch her story on our website here.


We encourage you to gather and watch her story in a group, using our accompanying discussion worksheet to analyze and learn from her experience.


There has never been a more critical time to challenge the harmful messages about gender that are spreading throughout the world through the media and public policy.


Children and teenagers are now being pressured into accepting harmful gender ideologies and even pressured into becoming activists to spread the false belief that you can actually choose your gender and that biological sex is irrelevant. Youth are being taught to believe it is their right to be able to “transition” via drugs and surgery without parental consent and that this is normal.


Now some of you may be thinking that this is not worth challenging because it gives people more options or choices for their life trajectories—and I’m all for freedom and choices. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?


Because brain development isn’t complete until the early to mid 20s, children and teenagers lack the capacity to make such permanent, life-altering decisions. Plus there is so much that is unknown about the long-term effects of cross-sex hormones on the body.


As you watch Sydney’s story, we hope you find both compassion for her and her struggles as well as determination to learn more and speak up when you see someone in your life considering taking this life-altering path. We hope you will have confidence to stand up and speak out with love and concern.


Have an excellent week! We appreciate you following along and learning more about our EYC topics.


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