Special Invitation: Join the Global Empowered Youth Coalition!

Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of an exciting new global youth coalition, and to invite your organization to join as a co-founding partner. (Details on EYC membership below.)


Called the Empowered Youth Coalition (EYC), the mission of the coalition will be to unite youth, young adults and youth-oriented organizations across the globe to stand for life and family.  


We already have about 20 member organizations that just joined last week from Africa, the Caribbean, and North America, and they are excited to network with other organizations through the EYC platform.


We hope that this coalition will connect previously unconnected organizations with each other to share knowledge, resources and expertise. 


We plan to launch the full EYC website on May 15, the International Day of the Family, and we would love to have your organization listed as a co-founding member organization! Our goal is to launch with 100 member organizations on that day.




Please see our EYC Mission and Objectives brochure and the EYC Declaration on the Rights of Youth and Their Families LINK.




Our exciting EYC planned educational campaigns include:


  1. “Fact Over Fiction” campaign – Educational quizzes on EYC life and family issues 
  2. “Listen and Learn” campaign – Brief educational videos on EYC topics 
  3. “Why I Stand” campaign – Youth testimonials on EYC topics in a variety of creative formats including video, written, music, poetry, artwork, etc.
  4. “Meet Like-Minded Youth” campaign – A section on our site where photos of individual EYC members will be posted with a one-paragraph personal testimonial of why they stand for life and family.


Submissions from our members are welcome for all of these campaigns.


Please see our sample intro video (we are still accepting submission to add more diverse voices) and our brief video “Why the EYC” and then try out our sample quiz too!


Then check out our initial web page at EmpoweredYouthCoalition.org.




Membership in the EYC is free and open to any individual or organization that promotes the protection of life and the family. Later we plan to launch in multiple languages.


Although the tools and information to be shared by the EYC will be oriented toward youth and young adults ages 15-35, people of any age can join and receive the informative quizzes, videos and alerts.


There are two categories of EYC member organizations:


  1. Youth/young adult-oriented organizations.


  1. Mentoring/supporting organizations (existing pro-life and pro-family organizations).


You may be wondering what we will require from our EYC member organizations, but really that is the simple part. Please see our EYC Questions & Answers to get answers to any questions you may have.


While not mandatory, we encourage each mentoring/supporting organization to establish a youth arm if they don’t already have one. Even if you start with just one youth or young adult that you appoint from your organization to participate in the EYC Youth Council (Youth Council Zoom calls will be held every other month), we hope this will jumpstart efforts within pro-life/pro-family organizations throughout the world to help empower more youth and young adults. Just give your new youth arm a new name, and we will add it to the list on the EYC website. This will help us quickly reach our goal of 100 entities. (See a list of ideas for names at the end of this letter.)


All  EYC member organizations will be invited to participate in our online Global Empowered Youth Summit planned for November of this year and to submit a proposal for speaking and sharing expertise. More on that later.


If you would like your organization to be a co-founding organization and to be listed on our website when we launch it on May 15, simply fill out the form at empoweredyouthcoalition.org


We look forward to hearing from you!


Please contact us with any questions at info@empoweredyouthcoalition.org.


Together we will build the next generation of pro-life and pro-family leaders!  




Sharon Slater, President of Family Watch International 

Jessica Taylor, Co-founder, Empowered Youth Coalition


Suggestions for New Youth Arm Names 

(Feel free to use any of the following names if you are creating a new youth arm.)


  • Rising youth
  • Youth Watch
  • Sex Ed Watch
  • Abortion Rights Watch
  • Life Watch
  • Life Rights Watch
  • Children Watch
  • Young People United
  • Youth United International 
  • Youth Advocacy Coalition 
  • Youth for Truth
  • What’s Right is Worth the Fight
  • Unite for What’s Right
  • Light the Way (International)
  • Illuminate the Way
  • Illuminate
  • Light What’s Right
  • Unite for Right
  • Protectors of Truth
  • Ambassadors of Truth
  • Youth for Life and Family
  • Every Voice Matters
  • Millenials for Truth
  • Young People United
  • Generations Arise
  • Speak up Now
  • Youth Defenders
  • Youth Warriors
  • Warriors for Youth
  • Warriors for Family
  • Ignite the Way
  • Arise Defend/Protect Unite
  • Youth Vision International/Global

Ignite for Youth

  • Vision Generation
  • Illuminate Global
  • Illuminate International
  • Enlight International
  • Vision Ambassadors
  • Global Youth Vision
  • Vision International
  • Unite for Youth
  • Future Families