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Hi! I’m Jessica

Jessica Taylor

Meet Jessica, from Arizona, USA

Hi, I’m Jess! I recently graduated with my bachelor’s in family science! I am shamelessly pro-life. Women are particularly vulnerable and are often left with heavier burdens than men when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and child rearing. However, what makes me pro-life is that I’ve come to understand through reading endless amounts of research, and listening to the stories of post-abortive women, that abortion hurts women far more than giving life to a child ever will–whether they raise the child themselves or place the child up for adoption. A pregnancy is for 9 months, but the scars of abortion last forever and can have devastating mental and physical consequences for women. I stand for the right for women to know how abortion affects them, to have a full understanding of the choice they are making. I stand for women deserving better and taking back their right to give life, rather than taking it.

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