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Hi! I’m Erica


Hi I am Heather, age 24, from Utah, USA!

Why I Stand for Life

When I was fourteen, I ran an anti-age discrimination blog where I talk about social problems that were important to me. I mentioned my blog to an older girl and she told me the story of Ana Rosa Rodriguez, a baby who survived an abortion in 1991 and was born without an arm. I was moved by the story and, years later, researched abortion survival to learn more about her. I was surprised to find that Ana Rosa was not an isolated case, but that many children survive abortions. As I read the stories of survivors like Claire Culwell, Gianna Jessen, and Melissa Ohden, I was struck by how worth defending their lives are. It makes me sad to see people receive so much hate just for being alive.

I love the pro-life movement because it cares about women before, during, and after. It’s dedicated not just to preventing abortion, but to helping women in crisis pregnancies through their pregnancies and the rest of their lives. The pro-life movement also extends support to women who experience post-abortion trauma when the pro-choice movement works so hard to silence and discredit them. I’ve volunteered with pro-lifers who’ve fostered children they helped save. My sophomore year of college, I bought diapers and drove to a destination 45 minutes north of my college town to bring a baby shower gift to a woman I’ve never met before and cashed out my student meal plan money to buy small gifts for care packages for pregnant women. For years, I carried a business card for an abortion pill reversal hotline (yes, you can stop a chemical abortion already in progress) in my backpack in case I ever met a girl on my college campus who needed it.

I believe that in a crisis pregnancy, it’s only necessary to remove the crisis, not the pregnancy. My dream is that I’ll someday be able to help a woman in a crisis pregnancy choose life for her baby and I intend to stand by her and her child for the rest of their lives.

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