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Hi! I’m Sarah


Hi, I’m Sarah, age 23 from Pennsylvania

I am an advocate of the family. I am an advocate for inclusivity and nurturing. I have come to believe this by watching my mother raise her children. There are seven children in my family but my mom is a mother to more than just the seven of us. She is a mother to a Rwandan refugee who we met while living in South Africa who would become motherless. She is a mother to an Indonesian immigrant who has done almost everything on her own since she was a little girl. She is a mother to her niece and nephew. Lastly, she is a mother to an ex convict and addict who never had a mother to look to.
In our house there is a downstairs room that is not lived in by any of my immediate family members. When someone needs a place to stay, my mom, without a second thought, will offer up that room. She does not care if they’ve been in jail. She does not care if they believe the same things she believes.
She cares about whether or not they are okay. And each time someone stays in that downstairs room while being taken care of by my mom, they always become a little bit better. I am an advocate of mothers and fathers being parents to anyone who may need one.

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