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Hi! I’m Pramesh

Hi I’m Pramesh,

I lead a team of youth social workers from Nepal. I am Founder President of Youth For Good Nepal. Youth For Good Nepal (YFGN) is an independent, nonprofit social organization led by a group of youngsters registered in Nepal. The founding principle of YFGN is “Good changes in oneself can change the whole nation” for its benefit. We have a motto of “We Change and Make Changes.”

Our vision is “to empower youth and make a healthy, safe and successful youth and families. Our mission is to empower the youth of our nation through conducting various programs for youth and children focusing on preventing drug abuse, promoting healthy behaviors, promoting entrepreneurship, minimizing suicide and promoting made in Nepal products.

Life is all about giving to each other. We believe sharing happiness is the key goal of life. Family for us means the whole world. Protecting life is important because we only get life once. Based on all the works and experience I have, I want every youth out there to know that giving is living, sharing happiness is what life is all about.

At the end, me and my organization we are proud to be associated with EYC.

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