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Hi! I’m Tobias

Hi I am Tobias, from Nairobi, Kenya-Africa Region!

I am shamelessly defender of life and dignity of family. Families globally are vulnerable, divorce is eminent and often women are left with heavier burdens than men in these families when it comes to pregnancy, birth and raising the born child. As a prolife I understand through reading endless articles, books, attend webinars, listen to experts, and do research on the value and nature of raising our families. Pregnancy is a 9-month period a woman nurses with patience, courage, perseverance, and love for the voiceless immortal human, but the scars of abortion last forever and can have devastating mental, phycological and physical consequences to the woman and family at large. I stand for the right for women to defend, protect and promote life from conception until natural death. I stand for families living in peace, love, and unity according to God’s will.

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