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Hi, I’m Verity

Hi, I’m Verity, age 26, from Utah, USA

Hi, I’m Verity. It rhymes with charity. I am a senior at Brigham Young University and am studying Family History. Studying previous generations has cemented in my mind how important the family unit is. I fully believe and have seen examples that children that grow up with both a mother and a father will have the best chance for success and happiness. This is not always possible, but we should do our best to strive for the best circumstances for future generations. I am also unabashedly pro-life. Everyone deserves the chance to experience life with its amazing possibilities. Once a child has been conceived, a choice has already been made. The excuses for abortion are nonsensical. It’s reasonable to believe that a person that grows up in poor circumstances would still prefer being alive rather than not having a chance at life at all.

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