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Hi! I’m Javier

Hi I’m Javier, from México,

I’m a 19-year-old young man who stands for family and life because I’m deeply convinced that the only way to address all the problems that currently affect our societies from a comprehensive perspective is by returning to their common root: the necessity of recognizing human dignity without conditions, as well as our intrinsic desire to love and be loved in the same way.

We cannot talk about human rights or social progress if we pretend to deny the ultimate value of every person from the moment of their conception until their natural death, and the importance of family as the fundamental community in which they can develop as individuals for others through the experience of true love.

We live in a world haunted by radical divisions where it might be easy to think that these topics are a matter of race, religion, political ideologies or sexual orientation, but they are not. Let’s defeat the polarization that is currently breaking our societies and open ourselves to dialogue with others through an emphatic testimony of the truth that lies in the deepest part of all our hearts.

Divided we lose, but united we can win!

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